Wednesday, January 2, 2013

5 Setting Camera Should Examine Before Start Taking

Ever experienced something like this?

    You come home from photographing the event and realized that last throughout your photo shoot using ISO 1200, but the show held in broad daylight at ISO 200 is enough
    You just realized that you are using the white balance setting to cloudy, but from the beginning of the show performed in room with neon lighting

Fundamental errors like this make us have to take pains to make corrections to the photo, if one or two does not matter, if hundreds of photos?. Okay, maybe with the help of software we can make corrections relatively quickly, but would not it be nice if a mistake like this could have been avoided from the beginning.

Basically, there are 5 settings on your digital camera should always be checked before finger pressed the shutter button the first time in a photo shoot. Please:

1. Check your White Balance Setting

Setting White Balance

Use the white balance settings in accordance with the conditions,
or if you believe the camera, set the white balance on auto position. Read more about white balance.
2. Turn the Camera Warning Highlights

Highlight Warning

These tips are powerful to avoid overexposure photo. Highlight warning is a marker that appears on the camera's LCD screen when there is a section on fire alias overexposed photo. In addition to using the highlight warning, you can also check the histogram on your digital camera LCD.
3. Check the ISO Setting

ISO settings

ISO setting determines how sensitive the camera sensor to light, the higher the number the more sensitive. If last night you shoot your friend's birthday party at a restaurant, the ISO must be used will vary with the current ISO setting will be used to capture the motion of the show on the road.

4. Check the Setting Size and Format Photo

Photo size

Photographing thousands of photos at once, such as when you are hunting in a zoo (see tips on photographing at the zoo), would require a different image size setting than in the studio photographing families, for example, especially if you have a memory card capacity is different.

Photo format, whether to choose JPG or RAW also must consider before your photo session begins

5. Check the Setting Mode Camera Exposure

Setting exposure mode

In SLR cameras or pocket, usually several options available for your chosen exposure mode: Manual - Aperture Priority - Shutter Priority - Program mode and several presets congenital digital cameras. Make sure you know which mode you choose to live.
Regarding exposure modes and multiple presets, please read more here.

5 Perform the above preparation, the event hunting, shooting sessions and fad shooting event at RT will be more smoothly and you will look better at it.

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